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We have created a curated list of tools and websites that we think will help you in this stage of your career. The goal of this section is to share valuable resources. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have other tools that have helped you and that you think others could benefit from as well! Make sure not to miss the wellness and well being resources here!

We use these in our daily life or have used them in the past, and we hope they help you, too!

Some of the links below are affiliate linksRest assured this comes at absolutely no cost to you!

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Useful Links


Make sure to carefully review all scholarship information on its website! And don't forget to check your vet school's financial aid website!

learning resources

Financial education

textbooks we recommend

A list of recommended textbooks - they're all regarding small animal practice, since we don't follow what's new in the large animal or equine worlds. 

It is tempting to buy all the books in the syllabus / reading lists, but the truth is that you won't have time to really use them all! You need a few key books to help you get through class and clinics. Check out our list and comments on each one!

VetMed Textbooks

meditation apps

Too stressed, anxious, or having trouble sleeping? 

Why not try meditation? Just a few minutes here and there can help your brain relax! Check these out: Calm, H​​​​​eadspace and Insight Timer.

They all have free options to start with and if you'd like more, subscriptions are available. 

Amazon Perks

Are you aware of the many free 30 day trials Amazon offers? See below for our recommendations and try them for free. Regardless of busy you are, it is important to have activities to let your brain relax - listening to music, reading, games, or other options are all good to try. 

Remember that as a college student you have access to a free 6 month trial of Prime Student though the link below! You'll get all the benefits of a Prime membership and after the free trial you can continue to enjoy it for 50% off. Don't miss out!

ipad pro

We have never owned Apple products; not for any specific reason, but it just never happened. But when it was time to pick a tablet, we were totally sold on the iPad Pro. We have the 9.7 inch version (no longer available), but the new smaller option of the Pro is a 10.5 inch. If you want a bigger screen, check out the 12.9 inch instead - it will make it easier to have multiple tabs open during class or while studying!

Plus, this thing is fast and has excellent screen quality! It is perfect to read scientific papers or books in either portrait or landscape mode. Make sure to download Papers 3 (free!) and if you want to take notes in class, the Notability or GoodNotes 4 apps are a must! 

And it goes without saying that you'll definitely want a screen protector, keyboard, and an Apple pencil or similar!

microsoft surface pro

If you're more of a PC person, you can't go wrong with the Surface Pro. It looks more like a traditional laptop, but you can easily use it as a tablet. With a 12.3 inch screen, it's just a bit smaller than the larger iPad Pro 12.9 inch.  Notability is an iOS app but you can use OneNote instead with the Surface Pro (which is also available for iOS).

Just like with the iPad Pro, you'll need to invest in some accessories to use it to its full potential. Which one to choose (you might also prefer a laptop) depends on personal preference. Also make sure your vet school does not require you to purchase a specific device!


If you are looking for insight on what life is like as a veterinarian and how to become one, this series of books will provide you with helpful information!

Vet Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Do you love coloring books and want a glimpse into what awaits you in the future?

You'll have lots of fun with this one while reducing stress from the upcoming tests!


Vet School Survival Guide: Notes From A Back Row Student

Not much of the coloring type? If cartoons are more your thing, check out this book and have fun imagining yourself in some hilarious situations!


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