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To complement our ACVIM Forum presentation this year, we've created a list of recommended resources for you to easily find additional information on some of the topics presented.

Remember, the financial industry in general is not on your side (they effectively want to make money off of you) and it is up to you to find professional help that always has your best interests in mind. 

And in order to do that, you have to learn the basics of financial literacy. One of our main goals with this project is to empower our profession in this matter.

We've been taken advantage of for way too long! Help us spread the word and enjoy the resources below!


Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that if you decide to make a purchase, we may receive a small commission that helps offset the costs of running this website while providing free information and value to you. Rest assured this comes at absolutely no additional cost to you!   Please check our terms and conditions for additional information. 

Disability and Term-Life insurance is a truly independent organization founded on the basic principle of providing unbiased & conflict-free disability planning solutions to Physicians, Residents, Fellows, and Veterinarians. They'll run quotes with every major insurance carrier to create a True Own-Occupation policy at the best possible rates with all applicable discounting.

Request a disability insurance quote and/or run instant life insurance comparison quotes directly on their website.

I've personally worked with Bob and Adam  on my own insurance needs - I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

DrDisabilityQuotes VSG

Net worth monitoring (and Much more!)

I personally use Personal Capital. It's a fantastic tool and is totally free!

You can link all of your bank accounts, credit cards, 401k, IRAs, car loan, student loans, etc, and evaluate your finances quickly and efficiently. Rest assured this works on a read-only process, and no assets are movable through Personal Capital. Honestly, it took me 6 months to start using it and I have now been using it for 2 yrs. 

Look at some of the cool things this tool can do for you:

- Effortlessly track your net worth (plus a weekly report via email) 

- Track your cash flow and effectively helping with budgeting

- Check investment portfolios for excessive fees and proper asset allocations

- Retirement planning calculations

- Save time by avoiding having to sign in individually to every account you have, even if you just want a quick snapshot of your financial status

- Mobile App - named best free finance tracking app at MacWorld

Read our Personal Capital review for more information!

Student loan management

I've been following Travis at Student Loan Planner for a while now, including his podcast. If you have student loans, you should (ie. must) subscribe to it!

If you've graduated and need help figuring out what the best course of action would be for your loans, check them out (let's be honest here, you do need some guidance) 

This is a complex topic that over the years will cost you thousands of dollars if you're in the wrong repayment plan or decide to refinance when you shouldn't! We already have such a high debt burden, why make it even harder?

Student Loan Planner-VSG

Financial Literacy Links